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Announcing Minor Asset, Originals & Editions From No One You Know

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The Soft Overcomes the Hard, 2011, Tatiana Berg

Hey, blogging is fun. You get to think up stuff to say, people read it, you make friends and enemies, and as time passes you build up this little world where things are just so and everything is about the stuff you and your friends like.

But what isn’t so great about blogging is that it’s really lacking in the dough department. It’s one of those things that happens more or less for free. So how can a site fix that?

My friends, after several months of work and negotiations and typing and coding we are very happy to announce the launch of Minor Asset: Originals & Editions from No One You Know.  Minor Asset* is a hybrid gallery/online store that showcases the work of select emerging artists in Brooklyn and beyond. The site features a diverse collection of new original artworks, editions, and objects, which will be renewed biannually. The opening collection for Spring 2013 includes some really fucking awesome paintings, works on paper, lighting, photography, and books.  You should really go browse.

The featured work spans from the improvisational abstract “painting objects” of Tatiana Berg to the captivating split-perception depth photographs of James George and Alexander Porter.  From the precise, nightmarish scenes of Kim Westfall’s gouaches to the deconstructed fluorescent tubes in Andrew Haarsager’s canvas-and-metal lamps [ed. note: that's me!].

The pricing is very transparent and varies greatly- from $19.00 all the way up to $3,000.00+.

The full list of participating artists includes:

Man Bartlett
+ Tatiana Berg
+ Sarah Faux
+ Andrew Haarsager
+ James George & Alexander Porter
+ Kaveri Nair
+ Greg O’Malley
+ Kim Westfall

Each artist’s work is presented with an editorial description by Kyle Chayka, Senior Editor at Hyperallergic and former Associate Editor at ARTINFO.

Now, some real talk comin’ atcha:

Buying work is the absolute best way to show your support for emerging artists.  Not just these artists, all artists.  You can Tumbl it, you can Pin it, you can make Tweets and write about it on your blog– but nothing is equal to throwing down and endorsing these peoples’ work with your dollar.  The work is really good, and too often it’s a struggle to find the resources to create it.  Unlike a gallery, each artist featured here receives at least 80% of the Minor Asset sale price.  We think it’s important to be up front about things like that.  This is a business, yes, but it’s also about supporting these artists’ creative activity.  There wasn’t really a mechanism for that before, unless you were able to visit their studio.  Now’s your chance.

Also, this:  for a limited time, everything on the site is being sold with free shipping.  Even Berg’s furniture-sized ‘tents,’ pictured above, which we’ll figure out how to get to you even if we have to deliver it ourselves.  Get it while it lasts, people.

Finally, a call:  if you are an artist who would like to be considered for the next collection, please send an email to sales (at)  We look forward to hearing from you.

Have at it!

*Minor Asset is an anagram of No Smarties, like those fakey fake tag lines above

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