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The Soft Overcomes the Hard, 2011, Tatiana Berg 1
pet sematary 2
Frank Stella, by Tatiana Berg 3
Collapse-by-Hayo-Gebauer 4

1. Announcing Minor Asset, Originals & Editions From No One You Know

Features/Heck Yes/Real life/

No Smarties' adventure into the world of retail

2. Get The Look: Pet Sematary


In which we learn how to dress based on Netflix and the internet, starring Stephen King's 1989 horror masterpiece.

3. Mixed Reviews: Frank Stella, Paintings 1958-1965


A phone-cam review by Tatiana Berg

4. Lamp Annoying

Fake/Kids These Days/

German designer Hayo Gebauer made a lamp that does a cute thing.

MotherMeasuring 5
Dan-Flavin 6
kim_westfall_02 7
Bourrasque-by-Paul-Cocksedge-3 8

5. Growin’ On Up

Real life/

Alright, people. This site is about to do some major growing up. It’s time.

6. Seein’ Dis: Dan Flavin Drawings at the Morgan Library

Real life/We Hearties/

Sure, he looks great on paper.

7. Kim Westfall

BFFs/Kids These Days/

Kim Westfall's works on paper are making us die of eyepleasure.

8. A ream of paper scatters in a gust of wind

Glowing/We Hearties/

Lyon's Fête des Lumières gets all the good stuff

This cardboard woman was a robot. More on that later. 9
Boca Do Lobo Frank Drawers 10
United Nude flat pack shoe versus Bowflex 11
Robox by Fabio Novembre 12

9. ICFF Out of Context: A Walk Down the Aisle

Features/Kids These Days/Reviews/

Cardboard robot ladies and other lowlights

10. The David Bowie of Drawers


Portuguese glam-mourning furniture makers Boca do Lobo tell all

11. Separated at Birth: Sexxy Lady-shoe Edition

Shameless Plagiarism/

United Nude vs. Bowflex: The Showdown

12. Bookshelf Shaped Funny


Paper enthusiasts, get your checkbook